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SINNER / sinner sinner.

The name Sinner for our jewelry came about

because we all lead quite excessive lives.

We thought that it not only says something about our lives,

but also from many others!  

Our jewelry is very rustic with many corners and edges just like life.


The ring is made of solid sterling silver.


The top layer was hammered and oxidized.

Different types of shoots create a unique surface structure.

Our ring then receives a 952 silver plate with the name SINNER stamped on it.


The edge of the silver plate was also made with a hammer blow. The writing will

oxidized in the process, this is how the black color comes about.


Our lily is stamped into the ring and the name of the silver 925.


Each of our rings is only made when you order it, which makes it an absolutely unique piece. Small deviations from the picture cannot be avoided with individual pieces.


The ring is made entirely 100% handmade, which can take 7 - 14 days when ordered.


The dimensions of the ring:


Width approx. 1.2 cm and depth approx. 2 mm

The plate is approx. 2.5 cm long + approx. 1 cm wide

and approx. 1.5 mm depth.




The jewelry is packed in a black case with a stamped logo.

A solid sterling silver ring!


If you need help with size, we will be happy to help you.


SKU: S-R 002
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