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Stainless steel necklace with amulet. 


A raven is depicted on the front of the amulet.

The raven is an important animal in Norse mythology.

The back is decorated with runes and a Valknut, Wotan's knot.


The chain and pendant are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Advantages of stainless steel: Scratch-resistant and does not tarnish.


The set is packed in a jewelry bag.




  • Length approx. Please select 
  • Width approx. 0.4 cm
  • Material: stainless steel 
  • Closure: carabiner
  • Silver
  • Pattern: cable chain




  • Length approx. 4.9 cm 
  • Width approx. 3.1 cm
  • Weight approx. 19 cm
  • Material: stainless steel 
  • Silver
  • Look: amulet

Stainless steel braid chain + raven runes / pendant

SKU: K-A62
VAT Included |
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